24 Genius Designs That People Really Want To Have In Their Own City

Cities all across the globe are working with developers and even contractors in a bid to make city living better. Ranging from improving the timing of traffic lights to creating useful apps, well-implemented technologies have proven it can help governments save money and be efficient.

Well, making plans and bringing about smart designs is every designer’s aim and when it comes to assisting the Earth in fighting pollution, these designers surely deserve an award for their creative inventions.

Every city undeniably needs things that will make its resident’s everyday living to be more practical. Here we’ve compiled some of the smart designs you perhaps would love to see implemented around your environs. Have a look!


Public Restroom In Shibuya Tokyo Turns Opaque When It’s Locked


The Princess Leia Fire Hydrant On A Street


The Vomiting Donuts Escalator. Quite Hilarious Yet Creative


Door Knob That Disappears When Locked


 Baby Store Has Different Surfaces To Road Tests Their Strollers


Trash Can With Bottle Rack Attached To It Side


The Duck Ramp For Easy Access Into Water


Button On A Crosswalk To Signal A Bus To Wait


This Water Fountain Tells You How Many Bottles You’ve Saved For Using It


Pay Phone Booth Transformed Into A Defibrillator Station


The Women Only Parking Spaces In Germany


Ramps To Help Climb The Stairs Alongside Your Bike


Here’s A Bicycle Escalator, To Assist Cyclist Go Up Steep Hills

Diego Delso

A Composter For Dog Poop


A Smart Design For Differentiating Seats In Scotland


This Green Man Plus Allows Disabled And Senior People Have A Longer Time Crossing The Road

LTA singapore 

The Incredible Led Traffic Lights


Benches That Can Be Converted Into Tables


Bench With A Guide For Exercises To Do On It

cyclemonster /

The Speeding Ticket Robot

SRI International

Here’s A Little Water Fountain For Dogs


The Foot-Operated Hand Sanitizer Spotted On Streets


A Stand For Bikers While Waiting For Traffic Lights


An Accessible Wheelchair Mat Placed On A Beach