21 Year-Old Son Buys Car, Mom Contacts Seller To Return Money

What do rude people with a complete lack of self-awareness tell themselves before sleep? ‘You miss every opportunity you don’t take.’ Or at least some version of it. Redditor /u/MetalM1ke has just sold a car to a guy for $4,000 and all seemed well until a week passed and his mom decided to go berserk. Clearly a fan of mafia movies, she contacted /u/MetalM1ke, demanding he returns the majority of the money.

“I had been trying to sell the car for the better part of a month,” /u/MetalM1ke told, us “The 21-year-old found me on Craigslist.”

“My first impression of the kid as he had no idea about anything when dealing with BMW’s,” he added. “He really was in over his head but he was so excited I didn’t wanna spoil how great he felt… The negotiation went alright. I lowered the price a little bit ’cause he really wanted the car and he seemed like a nice kid and he said his dad was a gear head. That made me feel better about selling it to him.”

“Little did I know, his mother was a helicopter parent and refused to let her son stand on his own two feet and she was clearly a dilettante when it came to buying or selling cars.”

Image credits: Wikipedia (not the actual photo)

People were incredibly interested in the outcome of the story, so the seller wrote a few updates