18 People Went Too Far With Their Emotional Support Animals And Brought Them On Flight

Doctors and professionals often prescribe or suggest patients getting emotional support animals that will help them overcome their mental issues or disabilities. These animals may be guide dogs that help a blind person get around or therapy dogs that help adults regulate their emotions.

While most people imagine dogs as the typical therapy or emotional support animals, it actually ranges from equestrian species like ponies and horses to sheep and rodents. On rare occasions, you will see people bonding well with even birds like peacocks and pigs. That’s totally fine – whatever works for you, right?

That is until you see these people bringing their ’emotional support’ animals on board a flight. And when you look to your left, you see a wallabee (small, grey kangaroo) staring back at you. For some people, they can’t stand them and may have hygienic issues they want to be immediately addressed on.

Scroll below for some people who may have gone too far in being with their emotional support animals on flight. Green Lemon has compiled some of the most controversial.

1. Daniel the Duck, a certified emotional support animal for Carla Fitzgerald that helps her fight PTSD.

2. Flirty the Mini Service Horse that is only 27 inches tall and 130 lbs helps her disabled owner, Abrea Hensley fights PTSD. Abrea is allergic to dogs and has Flirty reminds him of his medication and supports when she relapses.

Flirty The Mini Service Horse,FlirtyTheSH

3. Emotional support 70-pound pig which was kicked out for being ‘out of control’ before the flight took off.

4. Emotional support peacock, Dexter who has 15.3k followers didn’t manage to go through a flight from Newark to LA.

5. Emotional support Easter the turkey accompanies owner, Jodie Smalley on her flight to Seattle.

6. This pig got on flight.

7. Frontier Arlines had to deny a passenger who was trying to get on board with her emotional support squirrel.

8. A service pony.


9. A woman got on flight with her emotional support kangaroo.


10. Marmoset Gizmo was on board with his owner Jason Ellis. Gizmo passed the TSA screening was never loose, remaining inside the owner’s shirt at all time.


11. Richard the macaque monkey helps his agoraphobia owner, Debby Rose, who frequently feels fear and even panic or embarrassment. Not on flight, but Debby often has her monkey on her lap even when she’s driving!

Rebecca Skloot

12. A baby kangaroo as a service animal on board a plane.


13. This is a therapy turkey and it’s going through the airport security in a San Francisco Airport.

14. More flightless birds – this time a rooster.


15. This service duck at Charleston.


16. Hamlet the beach hog supports her owner, Megan Peabody who suffers anxiety. Her hog helps her feel comfortable and distracts her from negative emotions.


17. More kangaroos.


18. Owner claimed Spirit Airlines staff suggested she flushes down her emotional support hamster Pebbles after it was denied a flight although owner has confirmed multiple times.