126 Of The Funniest Fashion Fails (New Pics)

Just because some of us are stuck at home doesn’t mean that fashion rules suddenly fly out the window! Whether you’re staying inside or going out for a quick breath of fresh air (remember social distancing, people!), it’s important that you look good. If you look good, you feel good.

Unfortunately, there are some truly horrific fashion disasters out there that each and every one of us Pandas should steer clear of! (Socks with sandals? Unintentionally hilarious outfits? Yuck!) However, some people have become victims of fashion fails. That’s why Bored Panda brings you this list that should act as a warning for all of you fashion-minded individuals out there.

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#1 Perfect Pattern Placement

Image credits: Patpatnotstar

#2 I Do Not Think This Word Means What You Think It Means

Image credits: WhammyShimmyShammy

#3 Someone Thought This Was A Good Dog Graphic

Image credits: Big_Jamal_AMA

The best way to avoid fashion fails is to go for stylish wins, wouldn’t you agree? Cosmopolitan has some great advice for women who want to be at the cutting edge of Spring/Summer 2020 trends that designers are hyped up about.

They can wear shirt dresses and short suits, go for Victorian necklines, give ankle chains (or shoes with them) a try, and wear mixed floral patterns. Not all at once, though!

#4 Imagine Having To Wear This For Your Job

Image credits: sovietmetalhead

#5 Something Ain’t Quite Right Here

Image credits: DeanSonOfDave

#6 Crappy Skirt

Image credits: djcubedmofo

Meanwhile, Ask Men has a lot of different things on their radar for what men should wear if they want to be hip and fashionable in the first half of 2020. What’s in right now are billowy bowling shirts in tropical colors, denim on denim (a callback to the 1990s perhaps?), animal prints, and bomber jackets (always in vogue, in our opinion).

If none of these are to your liking, Ask Men says satin clothing is also trending. As are pinstriped suits, belt-cinched waists, as well as vests and tank tops. We’re hyped up for pinstriped suits and bomber jackets, but it’ll take some time for us to get used to these other fashion trends.

#7 Perfect For The Woman Who Wants To Relive The Fears From High School

Image credits: Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared

#8 Graphic Designer Takes The L

Image credits: Rinkelstein

#9 These Pants That You Can Get For 907$

Image credits: zoofashions.com

When it comes to both men and women’s clothing, there are several faux pas. Things that you should never ever do. For example, if you’re wearing a cotton shirt, it has to be ironed! No excuses.

Also, unless you’re doing this on purpose, avoid clothes that don’t fit like the plague. Your clothes should be tailored to your build, not oversized or undersized. You should also avoid high heels that you can’t walk in, clothes with holes in them, and Ugg boots outside your home (more like Ugh boots, are we right?). Last but not least—don’t wear socks with sandals. Just don’t.

#10 This Is What $2850 Can Get You

Image credits: Raf Simons

#11 Fashion Is Evolving

Image credits: girolski07

#12 We Decided Grandma Shouldn’t Wear Her Bahamas T-Shirt With A Sweater

Image credits: rtowne

#13 If Only The Eiffel Tower Looked Like One Of The Letters In The Word “Paris”

Image credits: gabebider

#14 What To Wear If You’re Double-Headed With Four Arms? Ah, Here You Go

Image credits: Dragon_Scale_Salad

#15 That Dress Has Some Problems

Image credits: Gundarian

#16 This Shirt When You’re Walking

Image credits: kawaigirl

#17 I Thought She Peed Herself For A Sec

Image credits: KosiQTG

#18 Elf Shoes? I Raise You Hoof Shoes

Image credits: jakewithar

#19 My Friend Found This In Thailand

Image credits: GirlBart

#20 Why You Shouldn’t Wear A Brown Dress In A Swimming Pool

Image credits: mrriousz

#21 Don’t Even Know What To Say To That

Image credits: LocalDemonExorcist

#22 All Three Butterflies Are Exactly Alike

Image credits: GeneBeean

#23 Wow, Look At Eiffel Tower Which Is In New York And In Sweden

Image credits: damla_is_cringey

#24 My Socks That Always Look Like They’re Soaked In Sweat

Image credits: Wimc

#25 The Design For My School’s New Uniform

Image credits: pulpfriction58

#26 My Daughter’s Dumbo Jumper

Image credits: MartynC65

#27 Totally Invisible

Image credits: ubaldejason

#28 Adorpion?

Image credits: Tire236

#29 For The Hot Summer Days

Image credits: miyagawadai

#30 This Shirt

Image credits: ahmadswalihck

#31 Someone Needs To Work On Differentiating Their O’s And A’s

Image credits: slicehix

#32 Someone Was Wearing These At The Mall And I Had To Double Take

Image credits: kan-neigh

#33 I Can’t Really Decide If I’m Dumb For Walking On Pebbles Or If This Is Just Bad Design

Image credits: Submarine335

#34 My Underwear Says “Gay” As A Mix Between “Play” And “Gamer”

Image credits: Snaipor

#35 Crappy Designed A Shoe#36 I Think These Are My New Favorite Socks

Image credits: Haggether

#37 £1125 For These Shoes That Look Like The Got Came On

Image credits: coggles.com

#38 This Wolf Backpack

Image credits: Creepy_Face_Thing

#39 Um?

Image credits: imgur.com

#40 This Makes Me Feel Uncomfortable

Image credits: nordstromrack.com

#41 Today In NYC. Yes, That’s The Actual Baby’s Face

Image credits: sarayewo

#42 Don’t Try To Pronounce It

Image credits: RipEarlWolf

#43 Primark And Disney With The Latest Concentration Camp Look

Image credits: qwasd0r

#44 Heroin Training

Image credits: Doc-WantedMan-Evazan

#45 Why?

Image credits: Jameel88

#46 I’m Not Sure I Understand

Image credits: nifflermoon

#47 I Guess You Could Mistake These Jeans As The Japan Flag

Image credits: seventhheaven

#48 The Way This Hood Sits

Image credits: daddyweird

#49 Those Pants

Image credits: TheRickWilson

#50 Coming Soon, To Restaurants Near You

Image credits: mega_gertz

#51 These Socks

Image credits: electrolytebitch

#52 T-Shirt My Dad Won In His Nursing Home

Image credits: dontwanttomakeslime

#53 This Design Is Why You’re Single

Image credits: JustWhatever28

#54 These $70 Metallic Socks That Just Look Like Filthy Socks

Image credits: Nordstrom

#55 The Burning “Eye” Of Sauron

Image credits: rebelsmarket.com

#56 Someone Somewhere Actually Approved This Design

Image credits: KanasCurrent

#57 Sample Text

Image credits: Danietta

#58 Like, Eat Milk

Image credits: malgreezy

#59 Supposed To Say “Shore T&F” (Track And Field)

Image credits: hannahville

#60 Orchestra Teacher’s Shirt Design For Students Looks As If People Are Being Hanged Together

Image credits: Anon20306699

#61 Or Not?

Image credits: Qischerr

#62 This Jumpsuit I Bought From And Promptly Returned To Walmart

Image credits: nastynagito

#63 For Your Kids

Image credits: max_paeload

#64 Gils I Ve Th Clk

Image credits: DRMJ22

#65 These Joggers Found On Asos

Image credits: asos

#66 This “Faux Fur Skirt” Found In A Cat Themed Crafting Book. Even The Model Is Barely Holding Back Laughter

Image credits: justbeme0416

#67 Finally, Some Shorts For The Woman Who Wants To Look Like She Has Raging, Uncontrollable Hair

Image credits: Fictionalhead

#68 My Favourite Socks – Poop!

Image credits: LauraMacb

#69 50% Cotton, 50%?

Image credits: MikeR_Incredible

#70 Just Dodgy Dot Placement

Image credits: d-a-i-s-y

#71 Cinderella, Are You Ok?

Image credits: Ranger_Wolf98

#72 This Skeleton Costume Comes With An Extra Set Of Arms

Image credits: A Fabulous Store

#73 The “Ghosts” On This Dress Look Like Something Else To Me

Image credits: unique-vintage.com

#74 Some Of The Clothes You See In East Asia Are Something Else

Image credits: GlasgowWalker

#75 This Was On My Friend’s Jacket, Just Look At All Ahefashihhslble

Image credits: HamRD

#76 I Got An F, Geography

Image credits: Felix—Helix

#77 Those Pants Are A Must Have If You Want Horse Hair Right On Your Crotch

Image credits: liveheroes.com

#78 Supposed To Say Capital Jazz Fest, Ironically Enough This Was During The Clinton Administration

Image credits: axilla02

#79 This Four Arm Alien Shirt

Image credits: deleted-mayham

#80 A Kids’ Bag From Zara

Image credits: Anvaya

#81 My Sister Bought Sal Vulcano Socks. They Didn’t Turn Out Well

Image credits: homelesspancake

#82 Wallet Chain Ankle Crocs – Thank You Small Town Malls

Image credits: ghosted_

#83 Louis Vuitton Jacket

Image credits: mrtuxedo9

#84 Camel…

Image credits: plus4dbu

#85 I Made More Shorts – Should Have Checked The Flower Placement On The Crotch! Oops

Image credits: raccoontails

#86 This Pencil Case Hat

Image credits: gap343

#87 Huh?

Image credits: filemon147

#88 Roses Are Red, That’s A Crappy Design

Image credits: Moridin_C137

#89 That’s Not How Point-To-Point Works

Image credits: LightSeppel

#90 Stay Strong Is Impossible My Friend

Image credits: teal_banana_peel

#91 These Look Like Orange Shoes Covered In Mud

Image credits: Microwave-0ven

#92 X Is For Panda. Found In A Charity Shop

Image credits: bord_de_lac

#93 This Shirt Design Gave Me

Image credits: carbonari_sandwich

#94 S In Fun

Image credits: MegaKeegan5375

#95 The Location Of The Pattern On This Dress

Image credits: con5id3rati0n

#96 The Company Is Called “Aape”. Not The Font To Use

Image credits: Jallenwastaken

#97 Clear Visor

Image credits: Zacharacamyison

#98 Am I Colorblind Or…?

Image credits: Schweigaa

#99 I’ve Never Been So Confused And Terrified At The Same Time

Image credits: taffeite

#100 Tie Dye Bikini Bottoms

Image credits: DJzap152

#101 Late Better Never Than, As I Always Say

Image credits: wesster

#102 Suprereme

Image credits: sugarmango_senpai

#103 Never Don’t Give Up. Alright

Image credits: nicobeporcodio

#104 Such A Beautiful Quote

Image credits: JoseGiraffe

#105 Newy Ork

Image credits: Outtie_5000

#106 The Placement Of This Pattern

Image credits: Nicole

#107 The Udder Placement On This Hand-Me-Down Shirt From A Friend

Image credits: Dr-Alchemist

#108 Really, Huh? These Amazon Things Are Getting Way To Extreme For Me

Image credits: amazon.com

#109 I Am D Ond

Image credits: super-shop.com

#110 My High School’s Graduating Class Of 2020 Shirt

Image credits: Anibru_Notro

#111 This Tote Bag I Received From Brita

Image credits: akroe

#112 Only Children’s Sizes Pyjamas

Image credits: tv3.lt

#113 Are You Serious? That’s A 7-Year-Old’s Clothing

Image credits: WEEB-2

#114 Female The Future

Image credits: JacobFick

#115 What’s Going On In Here?

Image credits: Blurry_Jpeg

#116 Sat New Urd York Ays City

Image credits: thegingermullet

#117 The Things You Find Online

Image credits: wickedknot.com

#118 Wanna Buy A Pair Of “Ratman” Shoes?

Image credits: Legopanacek

#119 This Bag Holds My Nightmares

Image credits: graysonshelton

#120 This Shoe With Stains On It On Purpose

Image credits: newtman550

#121 Onesie

Image credits: cheesuscharlie

#122 Why? Just Why

Image credits: pvrata62

#123 Crocs Need To Chill

Image credits: GalacticNugz

#124 Crocs And KFC Crossover

Image credits: KFC

#125 Joots

Image credits: thym3trav3l

#126 This Jumper Knitted For A Child

Image credits: Simmonsdude